keira knightley topless with no-photoshop clause

Photoshop seems to be a standard these days. Magazines, movie posters, photoshoots, etc. It all seems that the public eye wants to see is something perfect and stunning. Photoshop does the job. Really. It can completely transforms one’s body. You can make a 90 year old woman look 50 years younger. You can enlarge one’s breasts or slim down their body. Change their hair color or remove wrinkles. The list is endless.

Patrick Demarchelier/ Interview Magazine

But Keira Knightley, agreed to pose topless, for Interview Magazine feature under one condition: She didn’t want her body modified in Photoshop. She didn’t want anything to do with “fantasy breasts” as she said this:

“I don’t mind exposing my tits [on screen] because they’re so small — people really aren’t that interested,” in a recent Allure interview.

This image has only been online since August, but it only recently became a phenomenon. I have to say that she really does make a point. I don’t think she’s doing this to get attention, but to raise awareness to women around her. I do agree with her on this. Woman should be comfortable in their own bodies and so as celebrities. They shouldn’t have to rely on Photoshop to clean up their imperfections. Imperfections are what define a human being. Some Photoshops are barely noticeable to the public eye, but others can be seen by those who know the program relatively well. I could easily list out celebrities who have been Photoshopped. I’ve used the program for a long time. I can see if something has been digitally manipulated. What do you all think? Is Photoshop a standard today for celebrities? Should women have to be digitally manipulated to please the public eye? Comment below with your opinion.

Post inspired from the article.

[Photo: Patrick Demarchilier/Interview]

keira knightley topless with no-photoshop clause

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